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Western Home Journal Winter Issue 2020

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In the simplest terms, David Klasson is an “art concierge.” His firm, Klasson Fine Art Services, packs, crates, transports, stores, and installs fine art. But as you get to know David better, you come to realize that he also functions more like a “fine art curator,” someone who understands art’s intrinsic value, the importance of a piece’s context, and the nuances of its installation.

What services do you offer?

Our focus is on providing a complete array of fine art services for clients. Our services can begin at any time after the purchase of the artwork. During a relocation, new construction, or a remodel, we will collect the artwork from the residence and bring it to our secure, climate- and humidity-controlled facility for packaging and storage. Pieces, and even collections, are often purchased or moved from galleries or homes around the country.

Not only do we install artwork in homes, but we also work in offices and commercial buildings. Artwork that is purchased through art advisors is typically delivered to our warehouse via art shuttle companies. Once we receive the artwork, we inspect it, store it for the time requested by the client or designer, and arrange the delivery to the residence as well as the installation.

What is your professional background and how did you get started in your field?

I have 15 years of experience working for large companies. I found that as a corporate professional, problem-solving, listening, and flexibility were my greatest strengths…strengths that I apply to my business every day. Additionally, my parents taught me to be ethical in my work habits and in the way that I treat others. I’m proud to have adopted these practices in my own business model. Admittedly I’m a perfectionist, but given the importance of handling fine art, this is only to the benefit of my clients and maintaining the integrity of the artwork.

I left the corporate world to pursue other interests and found myself developing agricultural operations in Iowa and Georgia. I came to Bozeman to develop a 42-acre property that was undergoing extensive landscape development and new home construction.

Here in Montana, I started to develop relationships with homeowners, interior designers, gallery owners, and property managers and quickly saw the opportunity to specialize in art installation throughout the Gallatin Valley, Big Sky, and other parts of Montana. In April 2018, I purchased warehouse space and remodeled it to meet temperature and humidity requirements specific to artwork.

How do you see your business expanding in 5-10 years?

We continue to develop our relationships with private collectors, fine art logistics companies, art advisors, property managers, galleries, and interior designers.  As clients request a more cost-effective way to protect their works during shipment, we are expanding our packaging options in our repertoire of services. Clients continue to utilize art advisers to acquire pieces and enlarge their collections. With the trend toward larger, heavier, and more complex pieces, we continually employ the most current methods and materials for packaging and improved hanging systems.

Do you have specialty services you are known for?

We are known as problem-solvers who embrace complex projects. We reach out to each party involved and solve the problem to the delight of the homeowner. We love to install items that are in difficult locations, on delicate surfaces, or are unique in their shape, size, or weight. We handle each piece of artwork with utmost care.

What words do people use to describe your work?

Punctual, professional, problem-solvers, trustworthy, detail-oriented, flexible, honest, easy to work with, the best in the business.

Tell us about some of the people who are integral to your operation?

The success of Klasson Fine Art Services can be contributed in large part to my staff. Several individuals have played key roles in our company’s beginnings: Steve Swain, Dave Tillman, Misty Harding, Cindi Stenback, and my wife, Beth Kennedy. These individuals were the foundation of the company and each brings a specific skill set.

As we’ve grown, our installation teams have grown with us. Jim Brown, Dylan Volpe, Bo Kreiner, Seth Munson, Matt Forbes, Dante Gambardella, and Adam Smith also bring unique strengths and share our vision of taking care of clients. Our goal is to “make it easy for clients to work with us and do it right the first time.” We achieve this goal by working as a unified team and solving problems quickly and efficiently.

What do you do that most people would not be aware of?

Most people aren’t aware of the intricacies involved “behind the scenes” and the expertise required for professional art installation, transportation, packaging, and storage. We frequently work with local craftsmen to build unique installation hardware when standard hardware is not appropriate. For complicated installation projects, we collaborate with a variety of experts from the architect to the project manager to ensure the safest method for securing the artwork.

Much of the art that we touch is museum quality, and if it isn’t museum quality now, it may be in the future. This is always on our minds throughout the process. We treat each piece as if it’s invaluable.

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