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About Us

At Klasson Fine Art Services, our goal is simple: to maintain unwavering integrity in all we do and provide unparalleled excellence and dependability in customer service. Specializing in both residential and commercial fine art services, we work with galleries, museums, designers, and private collectors throughout the fine art and design industry.

Whether your requirements include installation, transportation or other logistics, storage, or custom crating of your valuable items,  you can trust the conscientious care we provide for your fine art pieces or collections. We do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it, in a reliable and professional manner. 

Meet our leadership team

David pic.jpg

David Klasson | President/Owner

"David's experience in customer service, construction, and furniture design translates easily into the problem-solving skills necessary for complicated art installations and accommodating client requests."

For more than a decade, David Klasson has worked as an “owner facilitator,” helping homeowners develop large estates. This included land development and conservation, home construction, and ongoing maintenance of the estates after the heavy work was done. Thus, it was a natural extension for him to also provide home concierge services in order to perform the details involved in the care and management of any home in the owner’s absence. In addition, David’s experience with building custom furniture translates easily into the expert custom crating services he offers to designers, movers, galleries, and homeowners. Contact Klasson Services today for meticulous, responsive, professional service and value.

Beth Kennedy pic.jpg

Beth Kennedy | Client services, shipping, and collection management.

New to the art installation business, I love developing relationships with clients and solving problems that allow them to enjoy and preserve the artwork that adds to the enjoyment of their home.

"A prompt, positive response works to build trust in customer relations. I believe that customer service is more than just a buzzword - it should be at the heart of everything we do as a company."

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