klasson services, custom crating, concierge, relocation, moving, storage, transportWhen should you request a custom crate? If you have a large, awkward, or ultra-valuable item to be transported or stored for any length of time, a crate will provide protection from its surroundings and from exposure to the environment (wind, rain, heat, cold, dust). It will also provide protection from the rigors of transportation—the jostling back and forth associated with road travel and being moved on and off a truck.

There is no standard size for a crate, which is why finding an expert in custom crating is essential. For example, sculptures and fine art, antiques, mirrors, chandeliers, furniture, pianos, grandfather clocks, ATVs, and taxidermy are all different sizes and weights; each requires unique measurements and each also has individual packaging needs.

What IS standard, though, is the need for a sturdy crate that is reinforced for any weight, with a forklift-ready base for transport from warehouse to truck to dock. Crates may be constructed for a one-time use, or they can be built to be reusable (for example for a trade show, where it would be used over and over again).

Inside the crate, the item must be blocked and braced securely to ensure the stability of the item during transport. Packing materials, from acid free paper and foam for artwork, to heavy duty shrink and bubble wrap for larger items, provide further padding and protection.

It is important that the crate be labeled with proper identification on all four sides, also indicating which side is up and whether the crate contains glass or fragile items. Tipping indicators placed inside and on the outside of the crate are further handy indicators to monitor your cargo’s condition while in transit or storage.

You can trust the experts at Klasson Services to both crate and uncrate your large, awkward, fragile, and ultra-valuable treasures. We build customized wood crates either on-site or off-site, depending on the scope of the project, handling all items with utmost care and meeting the highest industry standards for safe transport. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations!

* Adapted from a blog by Arnoff Moving, Storage, Rigging company