Klasson Services managed the development of a 44-acre tract in Bozeman, Montana. This project included the following activities:

  • Obtaining grant from Gallatin Valley Land Trust for erosion control and vegetation management, coincidentally resulting in improved wildlife habitat
  • Obtaining grant from MSU Extension Service to address hazardous fuel reduction
  • Removing about 3000 beetle-killed Lodge Pole Pine trees
  • Harvesting dead standing timber that was sawed into lumber for use as interior trim, deck materials, and furniture for the house
  • Contouring land to remove evidence of decades-old logging operations
  • Spraying to eliminate noxious weeds
  • Replanting native grasses in areas vacated by the Lodge Pole Pines
  • Thinning the Douglas fir timber stand to improve health and productivity
  • Building year-round road access to the house
  • Managing the construction of a 5500 sf, timber-framed home
  • Landscaping around the house
  • Managing the books and payroll

Photo Gallery

*Photography by Adrian Sanchez Gonzales at adriansgphoto.wordpress.com