You throw open the windows and breathe in that fresh, unmistakably springtime air! Spring cleaning is finished and the place never looked better. But maybe you decide the place could look better. Perhaps it’s time to go a little crazy (in a good way, of course)!

My friend, Collette Brooks-Hops, Bozeman artist and owner of PaintBox (, decided it was time to “freshen up” her laundry room. She had already installed a vagary of cabinet doors on the ceiling just for fun, but the room itself lacked much needed storage and counter space for efficiency and functionality. Furthermore, she was “bound and determined to make folding laundry fun,” so she added what she describes as “funky” cabinets to her laundry room.home detailing klasson services remodel destination services

Locally custom built, these cabinets are a collection of “whatever was kicking around the shop” in keeping with Collette’s eclectic style. The punched tin insets in the largest cabinet came from an old pie safe scrounged from another remodel site, and the notion drawers in her “sewing corner” are faced with salvaged plinth blocks (in old houses these would be the top corner ornaments on door frames). home detailing klasson services remodel destination services

Collette applied her signature distressed finish and different colors to the sides and facades of the cabinets, and attached similarly treated, non-matching doors to complete the look. The plinth blocks were already a menagerie of finishes, so she didn’t have to modify them at all.

One thing Collette always wanted, but that her husband really did not want, is chickens. So, her compromise is the cabinet above the washer and dryer constructed from residual siding from her house. She plans to insert chicken wire into the cabinet doors and paint chickens onto the inside back panels of the cabinets. destination services home detailing klasson services remodel

By repurposing discarded and mismatched materials, Collette converted an otherwise mundane utility room into a fun and inviting workspace without spending a lot of money.

If this inspires you to update your own laundry room, or any other room in the house, here’s an important tip: you can make your life a whole lot easier by calling Klasson Services to help with appliances, picture hanging, and many other details listed on our website. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations!

Now go have some fun!