home concierge, klasson services, interior designAs is true in other artistic fields, what’s considered the coolest in interior design is subjective. Nonetheless, experts in the field are happy to lend their insight to keep the rest of us au courant regarding trends and predictions. So, in order to learn what is new and exciting, I explored numerous sources, both domestic and international, and found that a broad swath of style choices will be trending in 2016.

Gina Mathis (Interior Gems, LLC), has observed leanings toward monochromatism featuring “grey as the new beige,” along with furniture and accessories with an industrial bent. She has also noted strategic blending of both traditional and modern styles.

Sanctuary Interior Design owner, Sophia Cok, calls this blending of traditional lines and contemporary materials transitional. In fact, this is her favorite style: “traditional mixed with pieces of art from all over the world, like an antique trunk in one corner, but with gorgeous, contemporary brass lamps with over-sized drum shades, a woven-grass garden chair, and a Persian rug with a clean-line, contemporary table on top. It’s eclectic, but the monochromatic scheme makes it all work.”

After visiting the AmericasMart in Atlanta, Vicki Bolick, provided her take on the top design trends for 2016 on her design blog, The Ace of Space (theaceofspaceblog.com). There, she emphasized her conviction that she only likes trends with a “timeless quality.” Her top-eight list includes natural fibers, organic shapes/textures, and handmade accessories, noting that the design world seems to enjoy supporting local artisans. Warm metals and metallic textiles also make the list, as do green plants. In complementary contrast to the monochromatism mentioned previously, Vicki also regales the addition of ethnic, tropical, and exotic animal prints, stating, “The design world is still enamored with all things that swing from trees and roam the lush tropical world of a textile & accessories designer’s imagination.”

In an online article addressing 2016 European design trends and what they feel should stick around for a while, lushhome.com stated that “…adding items in industrial style gives new life to classic home interiors and defines one of [the] modern interior design trends [of] 2016 which has the power to stay.” They also embrace combining vintage furniture with modern design ideas, concluding that “…bringing humor, creativity, and joy into decorating, experimenting with surprising techniques and surprising solutions are modern interior design trends [for] 2016 that will stay.”

Thus, there seems to be an overarching consensus favoring minimalistic design and industrial accents (to augment rather than dominate as in years past). There is also the suggestion of small infusions of nature and ethnic accessories, as well as a spot or two of color to complement the primarily neutral palette.

The nine palettes for 2016, recently released by the The Pantone Color Institute® provide glorious options for extensive variety in interior design. With choices ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues, from muted colors to “exciting and unique colors like pirate black and mandarin red as well as violet and florid orange,” clearly, the 2016 design trends cannot be readily pigeon-holed—which I love!

Ms. Cok reiterated that it is ultimately about listening to the client and matching their tastes and personality. Now, that’s a trend that never goes out of style.