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A Jazzi Twist on Furniture Repair

You special ordered the dining room chairs. They’re gorgeous. They’re perfect. They finally arrive! But…one is broken! And it’s irreparable. You take a deep breath, you pace and fume, more deep breaths. And then you concede you can order a replacement chair. Not all is lost, except…you hate to just throw out the broken chair. With two legs irreparably broken, it’s not [...]

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Protecting Heirlooms with Custom Crates

Many of us have treasures that, whether they hold a high dollar value or not, are priceless to us. Yet, so many times, the way we choose to store these gems leaves them vulnerable to potentially heartbreaking damage. Recently, Klasson Services was called upon to remediate such a storage weakness.  One of the two keepsakes featured here is a pre-decorated Christmas tree [...]

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When Would You Need Custom Crating?

When should you request a custom crate? If you have a large, awkward, or ultra-valuable item to be transported or stored for any length of time, a crate will provide protection from its surroundings and from exposure to the environment (wind, rain, heat, cold, dust). It will also provide protection from the rigors of transportation—the jostling back and forth associated with road [...]

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How to Not Lose Things in a Move

It seems to happen every time. You are so careful about your packing, so diligent about every detail (or so you think), and something still gets lost. How does that happen? Is it akin to a sock-eating clothes dryer? Not to worry. There is a way to greatly improve the odds of never losing anything in any move ever again. And, if [...]

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5 Unbeatable Strategies to Avoid Breakage During a Move

Whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional mover, the last thing you want at the end of a long move is to discover several of your favorite possessions broken or damaged. You can utilize these helpful hints to reduce the risk of breakage. 1. Take your time packing. Many items are broken or damaged because they’ve been quickly thrown into a [...]

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