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When Would You Need Custom Crating?

When should you request a custom crate? If you have a large, awkward, or ultra-valuable item to be transported or stored for any length of time, a crate will provide protection from its surroundings and from exposure to the environment (wind, rain, heat, cold, dust). It will also provide protection from the rigors of transportation—the jostling back and forth associated with road [...]

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Spring: An Excellent Time to Refresh!

You throw open the windows and breathe in that fresh, unmistakably springtime air! Spring cleaning is finished and the place never looked better. But maybe you decide the place could look better. Perhaps it’s time to go a little crazy (in a good way, of course)! My friend, Collette Brooks-Hops, Bozeman artist and owner of PaintBox (collette.paintbox@gmail.com), decided it was time to [...]

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