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A Jazzi Twist on Furniture Repair

You special ordered the dining room chairs. They’re gorgeous. They’re perfect. They finally arrive! But…one is broken! And it’s irreparable. You take a deep breath, you pace and fume, more deep breaths. And then you concede you can order a replacement chair. Not all is lost, except…you hate to just throw out the broken chair. With two legs irreparably broken, it’s not [...]

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Car Parts in Interior Design

From building with Legos to rebuilding cars to…interior design? It turns out, a distinct piece of what’s trending in interior design these days overlaps with rebuilding automobiles—at least for Steven McAtee (rustedboltdesigns.com), a local industrial furniture designer and builder. “I’ve always been a car guy,” Steven says. “And, the more you work on cars, the more discarded parts you end up with. [...]

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Interior Design Trends for 2016

As is true in other artistic fields, what’s considered the coolest in interior design is subjective. Nonetheless, experts in the field are happy to lend their insight to keep the rest of us au courant regarding trends and predictions. So, in order to learn what is new and exciting, I explored numerous sources, both domestic and international, and found that a broad [...]

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Protecting Heirlooms with Custom Crates

Many of us have treasures that, whether they hold a high dollar value or not, are priceless to us. Yet, so many times, the way we choose to store these gems leaves them vulnerable to potentially heartbreaking damage. Recently, Klasson Services was called upon to remediate such a storage weakness.  One of the two keepsakes featured here is a pre-decorated Christmas tree [...]

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When Would You Need Custom Crating?

When should you request a custom crate? If you have a large, awkward, or ultra-valuable item to be transported or stored for any length of time, a crate will provide protection from its surroundings and from exposure to the environment (wind, rain, heat, cold, dust). It will also provide protection from the rigors of transportation—the jostling back and forth associated with road [...]

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Spring: An Excellent Time to Refresh!

You throw open the windows and breathe in that fresh, unmistakably springtime air! Spring cleaning is finished and the place never looked better. But maybe you decide the place could look better. Perhaps it’s time to go a little crazy (in a good way, of course)! My friend, Collette Brooks-Hops, Bozeman artist and owner of PaintBox (collette.paintbox@gmail.com), decided it was time to [...]

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