You special ordered the dining room chairs. They’re gorgeous. They’re perfect.

They finally arrive!

But…one is broken! And it’s irreparable. You take a deep breath, you pace and fume, more deep breaths. And then you concede you can order a replacement chair.

Not all is lost, except…you hate to just throw out the broken chair. With two legs irreparably broken, it’s not worth the expense of hiring someone to custom lathe new ones to—hopefully—match the other legs. Clearly, it’s time to repurpose that chair! But how?

Here’s what David Klasson did to salvage a beautiful dining room chair that had been broken in transit (and make his Jack Russell terrier, Jazzi, very happy at the same time). Similar to the scenario above, two legs were completely broken off and the owner chose to throw out the chair and get a new one. klasson services, furniture repair, repurposing, concierge services

Seizing the opportunity, Klasson measured the length of the shortest broken leg part that remained attached to the chair and cut all the other legs to match that length. He then rounded the ends of the leg stubs by sanding them, stained them black, and voila! What once was destined for the trash heap due to a minor infraction now provides an elegant resting klasson services, furniture repair, repurposing, concierge servicesplace worthy of a queen—the Queen B, that is.

So what can you do? When a valuable belonging meets with one of life’s mishaps, by thinking to yourself, “how can I repurpose this?” it is often possible to produce something that is cool and unexpected. You can find a way to still keep the treasured item, but in a new and improved form.